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Our Approach

In the business over 30 years! We are a full service auction service, experienced in all types of auctions. Whatever your auction needs, from estate & business liquidations to farm & ranch dispersals, moving sales, personal property, private, combined, LIVE IN PERSON AUCTIONS -OR- ONLINE ONLINE ONLY AUCTIONS -OR- WEBCAST LIVE IN PERSON AUCTIONS & much more.  We can make it happen! We do the work that makes you the money!

Please contact us for a free, no obligation, consultation. The auctioneer will travel at no charge to your location for an in-person consultation if need be. You can also click here to read our FREE, no obligation "Auction Savvy" Checklist which contains questions & information to help you decide if having an auction is the right choice for you.

We handle auctions all over southwest Montana MT & beyond! We travel to you; Bozeman, Belgrade, Butte, Helena, Livingston, Great Falls, Missoula, Billings, Sheridan, Ennis, Dillon, Whitehall, Boulder, Deer Lodge, Drummond, Manhattan, Three Forks, Townsend & more!  OR bring your items to us in Whitehall, MT

Why Choose HAGEDORN AUCTION for your Montana Auction Service?

Thank you for your interest in our auction services.  This is just a quick note to let you know how we have satisfied thousands of sellers over the past 30+ years and why you should choose us over our competition.

—-- Our honest dealings with both buyers and sellers keep our buyers coming back auction after auction.  This of course ensures our sellers the best prices possible for any given market.

—-- We are marketing experts.  The more buyers with money that show up at your auction to bid against each other in a fast paced & exciting live competitive bidding atmosphere, the more money you end up with.

—-- We have over 1800 repeat auction attendees that have REQUESTED to be on our auction email list.  With the click of a button these repeat attendees/buyers are instantly notified and reminded about your auction!  We also mail out over 400 hard copy flyers to proven high spenders and distribute another 600-1100 flyers in the extended area.  Other print advertising can include area and/or regional & specialty newspapers/magazines.  Potential auction attendees can peruse a full color flyer with the click of a button on our highly viewed professional website.

—-- Our sliding scale commission is very competitive, especially on your higher end merchandise.  The more an individual item sells for the lower the commission percentage becomes!  Hence, the more ‘high end’ items sold at your auction the LOWER your overall commission percentage is, AND the more everything else will bring!      People with money who attend your auction because of the high end items being offered always bid on everything else too!

—-- We never charge a buyer’s premium (for live in-person bidders) which is a backdoor commission fee charged to the buyer in addition to the commission fee charged to the seller. We feel this is ‘double dipping’ and buyers feel it is a penalty for showing up at an auction to buy.  Many buyers will not attend auctions with a buyers premium thus limiting your buying crowd at this type auction.  This, in our opinion, is a poor practice that completely defeats its supposed purpose of lowering the seller’s commission rate by also lowering the number of competitive bidders at your auction and ultimately lowering the amounts bid for each item (if I’m a buyer planning to spend $100 on an item with a 15% ($15) buyers premium then I’m only going to bid $85 on it.  An auctioneer utilizing this practice collects 15% from the seller AND ANOTHER 15% from the buyer for a total commission of 30% on everything –high dollar items and all!)  Even though our traditional ‘sellers only commission’ may on its face seem like a slightly higher commission, in reality it can end up NETTING our sellers a HIGHER bottom line on their check.

—- CONSIDER this very conservative example...IF, at an average estate auction the average bid increment is only $10, if we sell 500 lots and we average only one more bid per lot over what another auction service would have gotten for you —that is at least $5000 in additional revenue that we made for you the seller (on the flip-side that can also  be $5000 or more you could easily lose with a smaller crowd and fewer bids...).  We do everything we can to get all the buyers we can to bid as many times as we can… We work on commission, the more you make the more we make!  Just simple economics.

—- Our expertise, experience and proven honest straight forward methods of selling and charging commission can pay for our services AND THEN SOME on your bottom line when compared with other auction services  who seem to charge less but most times end up costing you more in lost bidders and lower bids.

Scott & Dawn Hagedorn

Free, Confidential, No Obligation Consultation...

We'll be honest and tell you if we think an auction is right for your liquidation needs. Give us a call or drop us an email today!

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